The Lazy Man's Approach to Betting Soccer.

Open ..... Set ..... Forget

Yes it Can Be That Easy.



TWO New Option added NOW by popular REQUEST...

1. Price Gap can be changed.

2. Filter Fav scoreline now, block 1-0 if you like or others!!


6th September, 2017 even more added to Magic Soccer Bot:

1. Now you can run 3 strategies on the one Bot..

2. Now you can use Liability Stop Loss Trigger.

Version 1.25 NOW out!!

Hurry before the price rise...


One bet per match, we are Laying.


A £1.00 target makes it a £180.00 Profit .

Strategy 1

Results are betting all qualifying races (no score filter+ default 1 point gap.10 Tabs)

Using a £5,000 Minimum Matched

To 5th November, 2017


Strategy 2


Results are betting all qualifying races (score filter 1-0 + default 1 point gap, 10 tabs.)

Using a £5,000 Minimum Matched

Strategy 3

Results are betting all qualifying races (no score filter+ default 2 point gap.10 Tabs)

Using a £5,000 Minimum Matched


Strategy 4

Results are betting all qualifying races (score filter 1-0 + default 2 point gap, 10 tabs.)

Using a £5,000 Minimum Matched

Strategy 5

Results are betting all qualifying races (score filter 1-0, 0-1, 2-0+ default 1 point gap, 10 tabs.)

Using a £12,000 Minimum Matched


Strategy 6

Results are betting all qualifying races (score filter 1-0, 0-1, 2-0+ default 2 point gap, 10 tabs.)

Using a £12,000 Minimum Matched

Below are the 6 Strategies summarised.

In the Magic Soccer Bot, you can choose 3 strategies,

so the three best are: Strat 6, Strat 2, and Strat 4.

These three have returned £460.10, on £1.00 targets.

The main season is underway, great reason to grab this software?

There is plenty of action around the world, football is played all year round.

Whether it is South America, Asia, North America, the software will bet all these matches, without you.

Now European season is getting into gear...

There are very few betting softwares that will do what this one does.

It automatically loads each days games, monitors the markets, and places bets if the game qualifies.

It is making money, and is fully automated.


So that is why I have called it the Magic Soccer Bot.

Whether I am a sleep, working, away on holiday, it is like the most faithful employee.

Watching, waiting, and placing bets.



What is a Bot?

It is a software that bets on Betfair, our one here bets on Soccer games, and bets in the Correct Score Market.

It has a formula, that it is looking for in every match that Betfair covers, once it finds a qualifying match, then it bets to your instructions that you put in the settings. (see below)

These is about the easiest hands free betting you can do.....


We only bet one score per qualifying game.

Early Feedback.

Simon's Bets below, (sorry they are not in order).

He missed a few days (and a few losers no doubt.)







Software looks like this.

The above screen shot shows, the software displaying the Match tab, showing all the matches that we be monitored.

The above screen show the Leagues that are monitored for the day.



Under the Bonnet (hood) of the Magic Soccer Bot.

New Updated Software more features, now has the ability for 3 strategies to be used.



Watch this video and see how the magic is made.


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can I use bookies?

Answer: No, it is linked to the Betfair system and places bets on that exchange. You need a Betfair account (Laying is what we do).

2. Is it backing teams in head to head?

Answer: No, we are looking at Correct Score Market, and we make one bet only per game that qualifies.

3. Is it Laying?

Answer: Yes, it is Laying in Correct Score Market.

4. Can I pick the leagues I want to be in?

Answer: Yes you can.

5. Is there any data charges from Betfair?

Answer: No, as the software uses very little data.

6. Why only a 12 month or 6 month Licence?

Answer: Software of this nature needs to be maintained, so that is why we sell on 12 or 6 month licence.

7. Can I run more than 1 strategy?

Yes with the new upgrade on 6th September you now can run 3 strategies on the one Bot.

8. Is there any other costs involved?

Answer: Yes and No. If you want to run it on your PC or Laptop, then no, once you pay for the manual and bot licence that is it for 12 months.

However, if you would like to run it hassle free, then you may like to do as I do and run it on a Virtual Private server, that way you don't need to keep your computer or laptop on and connected to the net.

I travel a lot and with the VPS, if I am way from home and my laptop is not on the VPS keeps the bot running regardless. So I have not power or internet failures to worry about.

Price of a VPS (you need one with Windows available), I use this one, cost me £17.99 a month, well worth it in my eyes.

No sure what the vps is look here


We are also testing a new VPS supplier a less cost than Tagadab, and faster.

Check out this one Click Here









The Manual of how the bot selects the bets is included.

You will also get the Manual that explains how the selections are made.

Valued at £39.97 you get it for No Cost with the Bot.








12 Month Licence for 1 PC

Magic Soccer Bot

and the Logic Manual.


Version V1.25 is now out.

This version allow 3 strategies to be used.

It is a Deluxe Version.

New Price will be £139.97

Save £20.00

Grab it NOW>>>

Start today and enjoy the software.

Great fun and profit

Around £2.30 a week only.

We are releasing another 50 copies


For a 12 month licence


SAVE £20.00 Today!


Click Here To Get Started and download




For a 6 month licence




Click Here To Get Started and download


This is for PCs and Laptops,

Windows operating computers.

Sorry will not work on Apple Products.





If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


Steve Davidson © 2017

Refund Policy

We, as a merchant, provide both products (goods) and services (information) to our customers.

Unlike companies that provide a tangible product that can be returned for a refund, our product is information. It can be used immediately upon viewing, and there is no product to return. Once a service has commenced, there can be no refund. Our services are the absolute best we can make them. Just as with the Stock Market, our customers must recognize that the information cannot be guaranteed, and that past performance is not a promise of future results. What is guaranteed is that each and every customer will receive the service that was purchased in full.

If merchandise or products are ordered through a Direct Mail advertisement or via the Internet, the guarantee, if any, is included in the mailing, promotion or service description. Our advertising will also include the terms and conditions for refunds on any books, publications and/or systems purchased.


Steve Davidson



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